Nothing beats the warmth of sunshine for those who grew up in frigid and breezy environments. For those who are from the west coast and the tropics however, it's just a regular day.

The heat that the sun brings is what a lot of people seek, especially during winter season, which is why others would spend the holidays either traveling to some place warmer, or where there is just enough activities under the sun.

 The latter of the "ber" months are usually a struggle to find motivation, especially with the holidays lined up in close proximity to one another. That is why it is recommended to stay busy by traveling around to stay fit.

Do not underestimate the power of traveling as a means to stay fit. The excessive amount of walking, or maybe trekking on top of your free time to roam around on your own is enough to burn as much calories as you are when you are weightlifting.

Its either you travel as a tourist, or you travel to a place more friendly for your physical activity. It is first nature to a fit buff to keep their own body warm, which is why it is always best to train warmer.

Wearing multiple spandex layers is an option if you are powering through cold weather but if you wish to travel to a warmer place, you only need one and can get it from two places... SpandexByYard and

Why carry a little when you can travel light with more? Since we are on the topic of training warmer and staying fit, compression shirts, compression shorts, and spandex undergarments are going to be your good friend.

The reason here is first, spandex is lightweight which means you can carry more for half the weight. Also, SpandexByYard has a cool and colorful selection of designs for each season.

Since its the sun you seek, protection from it is what we speak. SpandexByYard's fabric is equipped with sun protection factor to protect you from those harmful UV rays.

Also. not only does SpandexByYard's fabric h