Summer has preceded fall and soon, winter will succeed. It's the season once again where breaking a sweat will sure be a struggle.

The cold is always associated with "bed weather" when in fact, it must be used as a call to urgency to stay fit. Exercise is much more needed during what is usually the off-seasons.

The discomfort that the cold brings is inevitable but so is the fatigue of being out of shape. Winters are usually an athlete's worst nightmare, especially if your sport requires a lot of sweating and breathing.

There is also this irony of athletes who avoid the cold weather but seek cryotherapy for recovery so let's start from there.

Training in the cold isn't actually bad unless you train without any sort of clothing on you. Cardio training during winter actually helps improve total lung capacity, especially once you go into the actual season of your sport.

Multiple spandex layers

Ball sports in the United States are a perfect example of powering through cold weather. Despite the cold weather, athletes still manage to do some road work and their strength and conditioning drills despite the fall and