One common mistake for a newbie hiker is being a beast in every single aspect. Some people immediately invest on branded gears, bags, shoes, and clothing.

Though the brand of these things matter according to its proven quality, clothing sometimes takes the fall in the list of priorities.

The clothes you wear in hiking actually matters a lot more sometimes. You must be dressed prepared to trek any outdoor condition.

Hiking in anything spandex is the most practical choice. Yoga pants, compression shirts, and running tights are all trendy in trails. 

It makes sense practicality wise. Spandex is comfortable, fits well, and lightweight. Even old school hikers prefer stretchable and lightweight fabric over the heavier cotton material. 

Experienced long-distance hikers are fine with hiking on a pair of leggings and a rash guard, a tank top or a shirt with good moisture wicking. 

Hikers favor them a lot for being extremely light and well-ventilated. It can shave off a few ounces off your backpack if you are packing extra clothing.

A perfect fitting spandex will also avoid the frequency of your thighs rubbing with each other which makes spandex and running tights a better go-to in these types of activities.

Even the dangers of hypothermia can be solved with multiple layers. Even an additional layer of spandex will have a lighter mass than other clothing materials.

The best part is it also solves other possible problems you might encounter. High-quality spandex has a complete package of moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, quick-drying, UV-protectant features. 

With that said, yoga pants are definitely perfect for all hiking courses from beginner to advanced. Yoga pants are designed to stretch to your body's maximum limits which means it would cooperate with your leg movement in hiking.

Sportek gives you a ton of options for yoga pants. Each pair is made of high-quality spandex that provides maximum efficiency at minimum expense.

Yoga pants for hiking is the most practical choice for leg wear. All you need now is the smarter choice of where to buy.