Backpacking has been trendier through the years. The alternative way of living has also altered a person's wardrobe choices. 

Whether you are heading out for a weekend trip or an indefinite stay, you'll basically need the same fundamental clothing for such activity.

We discussed in the last blog clothing for hiking. You pretty much need the same for Backpacking plus extra.

That's because layers of clothing are key in backpacking. It's because you will be exposed to different climate conditions that will make you either add or remove a layer.

Next, you need a combination of weight and comfort. Do not forgo convenience for style and unnecessary features. Save on those ounces and pack light with spandex clothing choices.

Spandex is also very functional for backpackers. High-quality spandex fabrics that have a combination of moisture-wicking, quick-drying, sun-protective, and antimicrobial is very essential to your trip.

Why you need layers of spandex

Your base layers are must manage moisture and at the same time keep your body cool in hot conditions. Poly-spandex can also keep you warm and comfortable during cold conditions.

Synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester are durable enough to withstand the extreme conditions you might face. It also makes excellent pants and shirts for backpacking

It's lightweight qualities allow you to pack more in your back while providing the same insulation as other fabrics when you are layering. 

Sportek gives you all those features in one. You get to have the most functional clothing choices for your backpacking trip.
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