Traveling outdoors can present unpredictable obstacles. One moment it's extremely hot then the next moment it rains.

It can be such a burden to wear heavy clothing just to stay dry. It is also an irritating feeling to be drenched with water. 

What should we wear on rainy days though? How do we decide on the best fabrics for rainy days?

Let's discuss how what things to look for in choosing the right fabric for the wet seasons.


Quality is very important. You need something breathable which regulates your temperature and has good moisture management.

Water resistant fabrics offer decent amount of protection from heavy rain fall. It's just a matter of the fabric's ability to maintain its light weight whenever it gets soaked.

Choice of fabric

What fabric should we choose for rainy days? Which one is the most suitable for wet seasons?

Nylon and polyester might be the first thing you are thinking of. Those two are good choices since poly-spandex and nylon-spandex offer superior moisture management.

Silk can also be used but not ideal if you are in a cold and wet environment.

Avoid cotton fabrics as much as possible

Cotton is highly absorbent which makes it heavier when it gets wet. It also becomes uncomfortable to wear once cotton gets wet against your skin.

It is such an irritating feeling to be wearing wet cotton fabric since it does not dry easily and will keep you wet even when rains stop.

Is layering practical?

Layering has been a commonly used technique. Since you will be in the rainy outdoors, layering might provide the same effect as wearing cotton.

Since you are inevitably going to get wet, there is no use wearing something to keep you warm. What you need is a single layer of water resistant and quick-drying fabric.


Leggings work wonders

A pair of leggings is crucial to staying warm and dry outdoors. Leggings must be  lightweight and waterproof just like other articles of clothing.

The right fabric from top to bottom gives you the best chance of staying dry. Getting wet on rainy seasons is inevitable. You'll just need to find a way to keep all of your clothing suitable for the situation.