Creative sportswear

Professional sports teams may have maintained almost the same concept but the materials used to create such has been technologically enhanced throughout the years.

Teams have now employed more flexibility in the material of their sportswear, which is why they seek the products and services of fabric companies such as Sportek and SpandexByYard.

Some amateur, or even pro-am teams have opened up to the idea of sublimation printing for their team name, logo, and design.

Sublimation compatibility on sportswear

Sublimation is best for sportswear as we have indicated in the past blogs. But for those who are new to this blog, sublimation occurs when a solid substance transforms into gas form without the liquification process.

To apply it in sportswear, solid dye is transferred to fabric through gaseous ink instead of the traditional printing.

This gives a clearer, softer, and more durable image as the ink does not sit on top of the fabric. This means that variations of colors and complex designs are possible as seen on the picture.

Colored images usually fade or lose its vibrancy over time but with Sportek and SpandexByYard, they assure you that that won't happen to the hundreds of sublimation fabric designs.

What sportswear can be sublimated?

Pretty much everything to be honest. Whether it is yoga wear, running gear, compression trunks, wrestling tights, football uniforms, even gymnastics and dance outfits.

Why should you consider sublimating onto sportswear?

As we said, sublimated designs are durable which means images do not easily wash off or get erased.

The designs go straight to fabric which is why its prints do not crack. This is because the designs are dyed directly onto the fabric and not over it.

When it comes to the finer points such as color, blend, saturation, shadows, curves, or what ever adjustment option you see in your photo editing software, sublimation printing has them all covered.

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