Why do sports teams switch to Sublimation fabric for jerseys?

For one, it is fast, convenient and lightweight. That's because designs are printed directly to fabric in a process called sublimation.

Basically it's solid dye transformed directly into gaseous state to be printed on fabric. Skipping liquidation not only speeds up the process but transfers designs into sportswear in the most efficient way possible.

That's because the entire design is dyed directly into the fabric instead of printing in color per color. This gives sports teams flexibility when it comes to customizing their gear.

As people start to embrace the use of sublimation fabric and its printing process, here are some reasons why sports teams use them.

They're trendy

Sublimation printing gives a lot of freedom in the choice of colors and designs.

This allows sports teams to be as flashy and as colorful as possible when it comes to their sportswear designs.

Custom made sublimated jerseys are very trendy and can even double as casual attire on regular days. 

It sparks a lot of attention by simply wearing them thus, making it trendy.

Durable designs

The great thing about sublimation printing is that designs do not peel or crack unlike other methods. Fading is also not an issue as sublimated designs last as long as the actual fabric lasts.

Sublimated prints last all rigors associated wit