Being stuck at home during quarantine shouldn't be an excuse to dress sloppy. 

Dressing up even when you are at home helps with productivity as you dress for work.

So instead of the sloppy PJs or the baggy shirts, why not get up, take a morning shower, and dress into your activewear before breakfast.

Wearing workout clothes to pretty much any occasion has helped boost the growing athleisure fashion trend.

So throw in the activewear as you dress into compression shirts, hoodies, leggings, and yoga pants and follow these quarantine activewear trends while on lockdown. 

Lightweight hoodies

Those athleisure hoodies you throw on for your morning jogs look good on cam on those Zoom meetings for work.

It gives an image of a good work-life balance showing that you are actually a productive person. It's what your boss is likely wearing at home for work as well.

Make sure you go for a hoodie that is soft and stretchy rather than warm and heavy. Summer is approaching and you want to still feel fresh in your outfit.

Wearing a lightweight hoodie with good stretch is decent yet comfortable. It's also optional for running errands during the quarantine. Probably a must for work.

High-performance T-shirts

High-performance fabrics are a more economical option these days. Moisture-wicking and sun protection has become more important than ever especially during the sunny seasons.

It's your safest outfit option when you run errands and do chores. It's also the basic idea of athleisure. Wearing shirts made of performance fabrics for better functionality.

Yoga pants and leggings

We've been talking about tops all blog long. How about the bottoms? Same thing.

Being at home on lockdown shouldn't be an excuse to forget bottoms too. It also helps with productivity especially when working.

You need to simulate going to work as much as possible a