It is better if we make our own face masks to protect ourselves from the spread of coronavirus. Let's leave the surgical masks to the hospitals which need it more during this period in time.

So now it leaves us with the question: What is the best fabric to use to make a DIY face mask? Here's a suggestion.

Homemade DIY spandex masks

Why is spandex just as good as a clean old cotton shirt if not better?

It's because spandex offers more breathability. It's easier to breathe through spandex no matter if you stack multiple layers for better filtration.

Its stretchability also makes it more comfortable to wear than a tight cotton DIY mask. It also feels easier to wear a mask that simulates the actual weight of a surgical mask with spandex being your lightest choice. 

Wearing a spandex face mask will not make you feel like it's a chore whenever you go outside for supplies during this quarantine period.

How effective is a spandex mask?

Spandex masks are so breathable that those who use two wheels for commute us it as a weapon against pollution. How will it hold up against virus droplets though?

Fortunately, those who chose to make a mask out of layers of spandex rather than cotton have enjoyed the same level of protection. As long as the proper way of making a DIY mask is followed, there's no reason why the choice of fabric should be an issue

Just make sure the base fabric you use is as clean as a sterilized surgical mask.