You're probably thinking of what to wear for bottoms right now. Lockdown shouldn't be an excuse not to dress.

Part of establishing routines is to dress for productivity. That said, you need to find the right pair of pants, yoga pants to be exact.

It's not always power suits and slacks especially now that you'll be doing everything mostly from home.

So throw on a pair of your best yoga pants as we give you ideas of what to wear for work during the lockdown.

Be sneaky comfortable but still professional

If the lockdown thought us something, it's okay to be sneaky professional. That means half-dressing for video meetings with your boss.

Yes, we mean literally half dress since you'll only need to show a portion of the top part of your body.

Even if you have to dress uber professional for such meetings, you can still wear yoga pants from the waist down.

A safe bet is a pair of plain black leggings or joggers. It looks professional whether or not it matches the top. The important thing is comfort.

Jeggings anyone?

A combination of jogger pants and leggings is such a comfortable way to wear jeans.

You get a stretchy breathable denim bottom that looks good whether you wear it indoor or outdoor.

So what about work? This is