Wrestling is a combat sport that that is said to have originated during ancient times. It started as a mock combat and evolved into an Olympic sport, which dates back to ancient Greece and Rome.

Nowadays, versions of wrestling have emerged. It is still played as an Olympic sport but it is more than that now. 

Professional wrestling for one, which started as a popular form of entertainment in the 19th century. Other modern uses for the sport is MMA and grappling sports.

The application of the sport on multiple avenues makes Wrestling a sport that is useful in more ways than one. 

In combat sports, fighters with a wrestling base usually pack a lot of power in grappling and surprisingly even their strikes.

Some amateur wrestlers end up playing professional football as well since their techniques are useful on the defensive end.

The thing that has evolved the most about wrestling is the attire used.

Back in the days of ancient Greece and Rome, they used to wrestle without any clothing, and in more rugged terrain. Nowadays, there are mats, and wrestlers usually wear spandex in order for their clothing not to restrict certain movements.

Clothing for professional wrestling is even more fascinating as wrestlers would sometimes look like they wrestle in jeans, and sometimes even coats and ties but in reality, it is made of all spandex and they are actually comfortable while wrestling in them.

The reason for this is that any other material that does not have the stretchable properties of spandex or nylon will surely cause a wardrobe malfunction.

This does not mean that there would be no more wardrobe malfunctions. It is inevitable, and this is where we come in.

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