Not everyone can stitch things up, let alone patch a whole on their clothing.

Since not everyone is versed in the skill of sewing, there's another way we could make our own face mask to protect us from the harmful coronavirus droplets.

Safety should be a priority which is why we have to wear a mask no matter how skilled or not we are.

In the last blog, we thought you how to make a DIY face mask so now here's one which you no longer need to sew

Option A: non-sew face mask

  • A clean t-shirt (preferably made of cotton or another breathable material)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Step 1: Cut off the bottom 7 inches of your shirt with a pair of scissors to make a two-layered rectangle tube.

Step 2: Now, cut around strips of cloth with the remaining material. This will serve as the lace of the mask.

Step 3: With the rectangle tube, tie the strips you cut on two ends of the tube to create a face mask-like finish. You can adjust its length depending on face size

Option B: bandana face mask

  • A bandana, a handkerchief, or a square cloth