Amidst the growing number of coronavirus cases, The necessary precautionary items needed might run low if we do not know how to improvise.

That is why it's better if we regular citizens make our own face mask instead and leave the medical-grade face masks and N95 respirators to the front liners.

We can still wear DIY cloth face masks while in public if we know how to make it right. It still helps prevent the potential transmission of harmful droplets.

can help prevent a person from potentially transmitting an infection to someone else. 

So for this blog, we'll teach you how to sew your own DIY Coronavirus Face Mask.


  • 2 pieces of clean fabric with a measurement of 7 inches x 9 inches. Old clothing can do as long as it's washed and dried in a clean environment.
  • 2 pieces of clean fabric with a measurement of 1.5 inches x 40 inches. This will serve as the strap of your mask.