Choosing the right fabric is important especially for sensitive skin. Skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can become a nightmare especially to a regular spandex wearer.

Now there's also the struggle of finding the balance between something comfortable and stylish. Something that will make you look clean and sharp all day!

Here's some fashionable pointers that will not make skin conditions worse.

Eco-friendly fabric

A basic tip for sensitive-skin-friendly fabric is using only eco-friendly fabric material. You will know instantly if the material of the fabric you wear is not eco-friendly as it will cause irritation and discomfort. People without sensitive skin aren't safe from these types of fabric.
Sportek fabrics have a smooth and natural feeling to the skin. It also has superior moisture management that will keep you dry all day. Though it is still highly recommended to consult a doctor regarding fabric materials you have to avoid.

Fabric grooves

The stretch of the fibers and its stitching can also affect how your skin reacts depending on your body type.

Loose fitting fabric and unnecessary patterned stitches may rub on your skin a lot causing rashes. A tight-fitting one on the other hand may cause a lot of discomfort too.

Make sure you are using perfectly-fitting fabric and be particular for any decorative stitching that can potentially cause skin problems. Make sure the insides do not rub and cause irritation.

Keeping it clean

Sportek fabric is hypoallergenic as it is made from natural bamboo which prevent allergic reactions. It also is antibacterial which keeps you odor free, feeling fresh, and smelling fresh.

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