The advancements in fabric materials and printing technology in recent years has benefited the sportswear industry.

This has sparked an evolution of creative ideas when it comes to marketing and visuals. We have gone a long way from plain text posters and public addresses.

Brands would usually prefer to use Dye Sublimation as their preferred imaging method due to its quality and cost efficiency.

Dye sublimation in sportswear has started to become popular for a number of reasons. Here is why...

Dye sublimation is best for multiple colors

For basic sportswear designs with multiple colors, dye sublimation printing produces sharper images and more vibrant colors than other methods.

This allows simple spandex clothing to stand out despite not having the appeal of the big sportswear brands.

This is why SpandexByYard offers hundreds of these prepared-for-print sublimation fabrics that are best for customized sportswear. 

Dye Sublimation very cost effective

SpandexByYard also has a variety of printed spandex and sportswear but even if you wish to do the printing yourself, there are also a good number of fabric for sublimation.

Whether you have a custom design in mind or you find a pre-designed one you like, the best thing is that dye sublimation fabric takes up less space when traveled, which lowers any potential cargo costs.

Dye Sublimation is durable

The common misconception about dye-sublimated fabric is that it fades overtime. So are other fabric from any brand.

What most might not know is that dye sublimation is actually as durable as the rest. There is even a bigger chance of your actual fabric wearing out before the print does.

Want durability on both fabric and print? visit and choose from one of the best fabric inventories for sublimation.