Sweat is an inevitable occurrence whenever we engage in dance activities. Some sweat more easily than others. While profuse sweating cleans our insides by releasing toxins, the effects on the outer senses say different.

Basic moisture management consists of bringing a towel to dry yourself up every time sweat drenches. It can only take you as far however if you profusely sweat often. Excessive sweating, calls for clothing with good wicking and possibly some extra shirts to change into.

Sweat makes your clothes funky

When sweat dries on your clothing, it tends to get funky if you aren't wearing good quality fabric. Body odor is another thing you have to be concerned about since it gets amplified when you wear clothing which material easily gets funky.

Personal hygiene, food, living environment, and genetics all play a role in the odor your body emits. The armpit area is a common dwelling place for bacteria. If you aren't wearing the right fabric, it will surely show in the way you smell.

The slightest dampness can sometimes create the foulest odors. The worst part is you will be the last to notice. That's if you even notice at all.

Proper Moisture Management

Wearing the right fabric for dancewear matters. It's your best chance of staying dry and odor-free the whole time. Choose fabrics that are considered breathable.

Breathable fabrics are those made from unique fibers that properly transport moisture from one side to the other. Fabrics with good moisture management allow the moisture to move out of the garment when the body sweats.


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