Have you ever thought about the in-depth technologies of the dancewear you wear to class? Has it donned your curiosity as to how they're made? Most dancers wouldn't mind as long as it's cool and comfy to wear. 

Dancewear made from recycled materials has started to infiltrate the market. The effort to raise plastic consumption awareness has sparked a movement by fabric companies to come up with one out of recycled plastic bottles.

Companies started bringing up the idea of eco-friendly fabric for dancewear in the hopes of producing sustainable products in the market. This generation is all about awareness. Everyone is starting movements for a cause with most centered around saving the environment. Fabrics like nylon and polyester are made of plastics, which has given the inspiration to produce more eco-friendly alternatives in the market. 

Repreve is a fabric made from recycled water bottles which brands like Sportek International and SpandexByYard market to dancewear producers to create the ultimate dancewear. Many known brands have started the switch to Repreve to create sportswear, swimwear, yoga wear, and other types of clothing. They have offered it as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wear.

Sportek's Repreve dancewear has become popular among dancers. Products are available online with a wide selection of blends and designs. Switching to eco-friendly fabrics helps you do a small part in making the planet a better place.