The current pandemic has driven people crazy being stuck in their homes. As the world's economy has switched most operations to a remote setup, even our day-to-day errands became home-based.

With adjustment in work comes adjustment in life too hence, home workouts have become the new normal. This led to people stocking up on activewear, yoga wear, compression clothing, and whatever they can use to make exercising more efficient.

Online stores experienced an ultra increase in profit since people started relying more on buying things online. Majority of them have gone on record saying that they've experienced a great increase in activewear sales since lockdown period began.

Coping with the pandemic

People tried to soften the blow as much as they could so they invested in things that will help make them cope with the situation. That included online purchases to build makeshift gyms at home.

With workout equipment came activewear too. They did their best to emulate a fitness facility wherever open space at home they can come up with. Even coaching became more digital than physical.

Even exercise groups started utilizing Zoom to kick in their workout sessions. Such set up led to people caring about looking fashionable still.

That's how activewear continued to generate sales.

Adjusting to the new normal


Now that the pandemic has opened a lot more eyes, it made people turn to brands such as Sportek and SpandexByYard to take care of their activewear needs.

They ought to use fabric that has high-performance stretch and adequate moisture management w