Surf season means many people go down to the wavy beaches to either practice, compete, or do their favorite hobby.

Direct exposure to the sun is inevitable during these circumstances. Unless you plan to take that risk to surf through stormy weathers just to avoid the sun, you need to protect yourself from those harmful ultraviolet rays.

These UV rays can be very harmful as it causes skin cancer with constant exposure.

Surfing may improve your physical function as it improves your balance and core strength. That isn’t enough to protect you from the sun however.

You need to have the right swimwear for surfing. One that offers Sun Protection Factor.

Sun Protection Factor or SPF is a measure of how well your skin is protected from UV rays of the sun.

UV is a kind of radiation that causes sunburn or permanently damages your skin. Worst is that you can get skin cancer with extended exposure.

During seasons of intense heat, it is best to be fully wrapped in rash guards in order to cover most of your body.

Whether a tight or lose fit, the important thing is you are protected from the sun.

The material may vary. It can either be polyester or nylon combined with spandex. Both materials are durable enough to withstand stretches.

They only differ as to which brand will help you withstand the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Some rash guards don’t have SPF. You need to look for which one brand will give you the best protection

Which brand can protect you the most?

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