Sportswear has hit the streets more nowadays as people use it for casual wear. Denim and a relaxed suit or dress have been overthrown by tracksuits, yoga pants, trainers, sneakers, or any other type of activewear perceived as fashionable.

It is ironic how the more laid back people have become, the more they choose clothing that is fit for sustained physical activity. The emergence of such has stemmed from the influence of professional athletes on social media.

Since then, these so-called "fashion influencers" caught up with the style and brought more attention around sportswear. The increase in demand has it has made sportswear one a profitable subcategory in fashion.

The demand is only bound to increase as 2020 has arrived. The warmer seasons will create the need for people to wear quick-drying, moisture absorbent, sun-protective, and lightweight clothing.

Resolutions to stay active are still fresh which would just add to the market for people who plan to commit to self-care, health, and wellbeing. 

Speaking of wellness, the demand for eco-friendly options are about to be the highest. Even companies recognize this that is why they have started making an effort towards conscious activewear

Here at Sportek, we are aware of this as well which is why we made an effort to create ethical options for sportswear and activewear. We have a wide selection of natural and recycled fabrics for your sportswear. 

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