With a boom in the athleisure market through the years, the rise in demand for activewear has increased significantly. Sportswear, yoga wear, and activewear have been confidently worn casually to the streets which have set a number of trends.

Now that we are beginning a new decade, here are some activewear styles predicted to trend in 2020.

1. Athleisure will become bigger

Putting on activewear has made dressing more convenient. Active people just love throwing on their activewear once they get up. The athleisure trend has helped make traditional gym gear and casual wear fashionable on the streets. Consumers put on their activewear in order to be prepared for any situation. It's enough to get them through daily engagements, leisure, fitness, and sudden appointments. The simplicity of filling up an entire wardrobe with activewear is good for efficient minimalists. It's enough to dress them through the day without the hassles of spending for a new style.

2. Sustainable activewear

The sudden need to find purpose has infested the activewear industry as well. A lot of people now seek eco-friendly or sustainable alternatives. Customers today are more particular with what their clothes are made of. The call for more sustainable sports and activewear is only set to grow in the coming years. This 2020, more people will shop more consciously and consider eco-friendly alternatives.  

3. Hippie revival

Retro never really ran out of style. More trends just emerged. We will be seeing mor