Believe it or not, sportswear companies are thriving more than they during quarantine period. How do you think people spend what they save from working at home?

As precautions are still being observed in some gyms, the limited number of people that can work out at the same time have exponentially been lessened. That has brought people to invest in their own home gyms to be able to stay in shape.

People have switched to home workouts during quarantine

More companies have capitalized on people's desire to stay in shape which is why the athleisure sector still thrives. The number of consumers have grown more especially as they have more to spend on sportswear than ever.

The only thing that might not be as constant is the production of clothing. Manufacturers are seeking more eco-friendly options especially as hygiene has become more important than ever.

That said, people are in search of material that is easy to clean especially as they will be secreting toxins and dirt all over their own homes.

Can I Still Wear Athleisure During Quarantine?

Yes, definitely. All the more you should wear athleisure clothing in your home workouts. It's a given.

Athleisure sportswear offers functionality that other types of clothing do not offer. It's comfortable, lightweight, and highly absorbent. These types of clothing is what you should fill your wardrobe more with as a safe option for everything with or without quarantine.

Be sure to opt for sustainable sportswear made from eco-friendly fabrics to assure proper health especially in times like this where sanitation is essential. Such fabrics are easy to wash and clean.

If you are looking for something to wear for your next weightlifting or yoga session at home, Sportek is the key for your quarantine wardrobe.


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Lo crea o no, las empresas de ropa deportiva están prosperando más que durante el período de cuarentena. ¿Cómo crees que la gente gasta lo que ahorra trabajando en casa?

Como todavía se toman precauciones en algunos gimnasios, el número limitado de personas que pueden hacer ejercicio al mismo tiempo se ha reducido exponencialmente. Eso ha llevado a la gente a invertir en sus propios gimnasios en casa para poder mantenerse en forma.

La gente ha cambiado a los entrenamientos en casa durante la cuarentena

Más empresas han capitalizado el deseo de las personas de mantenerse en forma, por lo que el sector del ocio deportivo sigue prosperando. El número de consumidores ha crecido especialmente porque tienen más para gastar en ropa deportiva que nunca.

Lo único que puede no ser tan constante es la producción de ropa. Los fabricantes buscan opciones más ecológicas, especialmente porque la higiene se ha vuelto más importante que nunca.

Dicho esto, la gente está buscando material que sea fácil de limpiar, especialmente porque segregarán toxinas y suciedad en sus hogares.

¿Puedo seguir usando Athleisure durante la cuarentena?

Sí definitivamente. Además, debes usar ropa deportiva en tus entrenamientos en casa. Está demostrado.

La ropa deportiva Athleisure ofrece una funcionalidad que otros tipos de ropa no