Ever had the idea of creating your own style and brand name clothing, well wait no more with custom and fully editable sublimation (aka printing) you are on your way to a good start. If you like to let your creative side take you on a tantalizing ride then wait no more as this is a good time to start as I did, I’ll show you how within this blog. All you need to start is an idea, so I will make an example; now remember this is just a brainstorm idea to throw out there as inspiration.

For starters I want to design my fabric with a design of my liking. As you can see below I have chosen the image I want to add to my Sportek Spandex that I will be using to create some awesome looking sportswear yoga pants for women.


Carbon Fiber


Now that I have the image I want printed on my textile I can move on with my custom print.

With I can now get started on custom printing my very own custom carbon fiber printed yoga pants. I added the link below:


A few easy steps to achieving my goal and be a fashionista with the women at the gym and closer to creating women’s custom yoga pants.

Step 1. Choose the fabric type

I chose P-1650 Compression Spandex Jersey

Step 2. Choose the quantity

I ordered one roll.

Step 3. Upload my design pattern

As you have seen above, I went with a Carbon Fiber pattern

Step 4.  Fill Billing and Shipping

And it’s done.

Simple as that, soon I will have my custom printed carbon fiber spandex to use for the custom name branded yoga pants.

The next step would be to size and cut the fabric so I can now sew and have someone try on. This can be a hit a miss but thankfully I purchased enough fabric to get this done. Using yoga pants that are already made, I created a paper template by tracing the shape of the pants onto a large piece of paper.


Once I have the paper template I then traced and cut out the fabric. I got to a sewing machine and began to sew all the pieces together and have now created a beautiful garment


Viola, Project is complete. Enjoy Everyone.