Sometimes whenever you give it your all in your training and workouts, you tend to be so hard on your body that you do not allow it to recover. Surprisingly, compression gear can actually help promote recovery which will make your workouts feel better on your body.

Recovery is important

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are already versed in the importance of recovery. It is essential to allow the body to rest for optimum performance. There is a reason overtraining doesn't necessarily constitute to a stronger body or a sure win in sporting competition.

Taking a day off training is essential to repair and strengthen the body. It allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair any damaged tissues, creating stronger muscle fibers

Wearing the right training gear during workouts can actually help with recovery as well. The body is able to function properly with the right compression in order to avoid injury or decreased performance.

Spandex clothing has become more popular with athletes today. Most of them prefer to wear compression gear under their actual uniforms. They sometimes even opt for compression instead of regular activewear.

Professional athletes are so influential that even the regular gymgoer see the benefits of switching up their workout wardrobe.

Benefits of compression clothing

Wearing compression gear can help reduce muscle fatigue and injury. Its stretchability emulates muscle fiber movement which reduces muscle oscillation on high-frequency impact movements. The frequency of muscle oscillation during workouts dictates how high the chance it is for muscles to be sore and fatigued after workouts.

Compression has done its magic as a recent study showed that track athletes who wore lower-body compression garments, reduced the muscle impact upon landing by 27 percent.

Its benefits carry over post-workout. The same study indicates that wearing compression after workouts reduce symptoms of exercise-induced soreness and muscle weakness. Compression also helps the body recover through the removal of lactate acid which causes muscle fatigue and soreness.

Even lingering injuries require compression. The reason athletes tape up during games is to compress an injured muscle to either reduce stress on it or prevent further damage. Compression gear offers similar support as your muscle tapes and joint braces.

Sportek designs its compression wear to promote body recovery by keeping the muscles relaxed and stimulating blood flow to and from it. Compression wear is best used within a 12 to 48 hour period after exercise to reduce swelling, pooling, and lactate acid buildup. 

By choosing the right brand for your workouts and sporting competitions, you allow your body to recover properly to produce better performances out of it.

Compression gear you can use


There are a variety of compression tops you can use depending on what you are set to do. There are short-sleeve, long sleeves, and sleeveless tops.

Each design is made to target various parts of the body. The short-sleeve ones are designed to be used for upper body and chest exercises whereas long-sleeved tops are used to tighten the extremities. 

Compression tops reduce swelling and inflammation in the upper body so it is important to choose a close-fitting one to maximize the benefits of compression technology.


The lower body is usually more active than the upper body. Compression bottoms offer more support than activewear, especially in high-intensity activities.

It's the lower body that holds up the upper body which is why wearing the right compression pants or leggings is just as important as the tops. Compression leggings help improve circulation and blood flow in the legs to prevent it from swelling.

Choose The Right Compression Gear

The thing about compression gear is that the increase in popularity has also made the demand higher hence, an increase in prices in the market.

If you need high-quality compression gear without breaking your wallet, Sportek has got you covered with its wide selection of comfortable compression wear. Change up your wardrobe without costing you a lot.

Each gear is made of an anti-microbial, super stretchy, moisture-wicking spandex that ensures a clean and safe training session. Recover faster than ever before and visit to see which compression gear fits your sport.


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A veces, cuando lo das todo en tu entrenamiento y entrenamientos, tiendes a ser tan duro con tu cuerpo que no permites que se recupere. Sorprendentemente, el equipo de compresión puede ayudar a promover la recuperación, lo que hará que sus entrenamientos se sientan mejor en su cuerpo.

La recuperación es importante
Los atletas y entusiastas del fitness ya están versados ​​en la importancia de la recuperación. Es esencial permitir que el cuerpo descanse para un rendimiento óptimo. Hay una razón por la que el sobreentrenamiento no necesariamente constituye un cuerpo más fuerte o una victoria segura en la competición deportiva.