Time and distance matter when packing up for an outdoor adventure. It is as important as the choice of clothing you put in your backpack. The brand and its material must be highly considered. 

One must travel light especially if the trip lasts more than three days. Leave the cotton clothes at home because it accumulates weight whenever it gets wet or absorbs outside particles. Wearing yoga pants or running tights is more practical provided you wear the hypoallergenic anti-microbial ones.

Overnight or a day hike is the best time to pack some compression wear since you wouldn’t need to travel with a huge bag. The same way goes for marathons, triathlons, and other outdoor sports where your clothing will be subjected to the same extreme conditions as your body. 

That said, durability is an important factor to consider. There are going to be times you need to bushwhack and if you are wearing low-quality tights, they’re going to tear. It’s essential to research the terrain, the environment, and weather conditions of your outdoor destination.

So, to answer the question of whether you can survive outdoors in compression gear and yoga pants, the answer is a resounding yes. There is nothing wrong with wearing leggings or tights on hikes and other outdoor activities. 

Cold? Throw in an additional layer. Hot? Then you are protected from the sun. Wet? Then your clothing does not get baggy and heavy. Dry? The right fitting compression wear will not suffocate you. There isn’t any legitimate reason not to wear compression outdoors especially if you choose the right brand.

Sportek has all the types of spandex clothing according to any outdoor condition. You can choose between one that can withstand tons of moisture or one to protect you from the intense heat of the sun. All fabrics are 100% hypoallergenic and anti-microbial which is the most important factor in selecting the right spandex. Its soft material is the most comfortable fabric you’ll ever wear.

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