With more and more things being safe and allowed this 2021, the months are going by and things are starting to get a bit more lenient.

That said, it's safe to say that 2021 is going to experience a huge boom in athleisure wear especially as new fashion statements will hit the streets.

It's no longer just the gyms, grocery, coffee shops, and other errands. It's starting to become a way of life. So much so that people have more leggings and compression clothing than actual cotton shirts and denim jeans.

Sometimes, the braver ones even don sports bras as part of their everyday fashion. it goes well with joggers or leggings whenever under the hot sun.

Athleisure ideas for March

Joggers are still going to be a thing on the outside. Pair it up with some casual gym wear too since spring is about to come and a little more hot sun is expected.

Most athleisure enthusiasts choose Sportek and never look back. That's because they have the most stylish and comfortable base fabric for athleisure.

All you need to do now is find a design and have your activewear made into such. You can even select from finished products if you already have a style in mind that you want to combine your daily wear with.

Perfect fashion statements

Activewear is the perfect fashion statement for March. It's a fashion idea that works all-year round.

Some might even prefer wearing leggings outside. They're so easy to wash that you can even wear two pairs in a day if you choose to.

Even for tops you can alternate your style during the day. That assures you of fresh clothing more than once when attending multiple functions


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