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The cold never stops people from going out and having fun. In fact, it is the perfect condition to have winter gear and have fun in the pure white snow. There are so many activities people do: skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and just having fun with the snow. The white snow may seem pure and innocent; however, it may give you the cold/flu that you don’t want- you need to protect yourself. Ski jackets are wind and water-resistant fabric and have the role of keeping you warm and dry at the same time. It is highly functional and can be fabricated with any fabric underneath from nylon (artificial) to cotton (organic). People usually wear three layers for winter: Inner/base layer, mid-layer and then shell layer.


The inner/base layer functions to prevent sweat. So the inner layer is fabricated usually with breathable material to make the wearer more comfortable. The fabric materials may range from cotton, silk, wool and other synthetic materials.


The mid layer of clothing functions to prevent the cold, but most importantly has additional insulation function. Insulation has to do with air circulation and keeping in and out the heat. So usually the mid layer is looser than the inner/base layer of the clothing. So when there is movement such as sports activities, it keeps the balance in between the inner/base layer and the outerwear. Mid layers can be constructed with multiple fabrics ranging from wool, cotton, fleece, and polyester.


Shell layer is usually constructed with multiple layers of materials in order to make the person stay warm and comfortable. For example, the ski-wear can be divided into three sections: One-piece ski suits, Ski jacket, and Ski pants. The one-piece suit covers the whole body with one connected fabric suit like overalls. First, you put your legs on the suit and pull up a zipper or button up to the top of your trousers. Usually, suits are not for full protection from the cold so it is advised to wear warmer layers underneath. The outer layer usually functions as the “shell” and protects you from wind or water.

The ski-jacket, on the other hand, it is constructed to protect you from the cold. It may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but the jacket is usually made with multiple layers as mentioned above. The ski-jacket has multiple ways of names which are: down jacket, winter shell, anorak or parka. It is because the ski-jacket was derived from the Safari jacket from the mid-1950’s to the 1980s.


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