Comfort is the first reason women love wearing swimwear to the beach. They want something that's lightweight and provide proper ventilation on the covered parts.

The size of the bra and swimwear can make or break a wearer's poise. That's what makes bra and swimwear sizes so important. What is the sense of having style if the fit bothers you, right?

That said, you'll need a swimsuit which has the right size to sustain your lifestyle. Like fashion always says, look good, feel good.

Form is function

Sportek International offers the perfect base fabric that can create the perfectly-fitting swimwear or bra. 

We apply the same fabric technologies to make your swimwear more comfortable regardless of size. It gives the perfect fit to assure good form and function.

Having the right fit helps with having a good body form as it supports the right posture and movement. 

Cool and colorful designs

There are times where functionality compromises style. It shouldn't be a problem if you select the right brand.

Sportek fabric is available in a wide selection of colors, patterns, and designs to make sure that style meets function.

The variety of styles is enough to assure you that you are doing something nice for your body. 

The bottom line

To simplify things, the right swimwear/bra fit is important and Sportek is the brand to go to for that. So, the next time you hit the beach, all you'll think of is how perfect your swimwear fits on your body.