The Gym is usually associated with exercise and weight loss. It isn't uncommon to see a person carrying excess weight on the treadmill or a skinny person lifting more weight than he can carry.

Beyond free weights and machines, there are also multiple function studios for specific classes. There are Dance, Yoga, and Cycling studios which cater to those who have an open mind about the concept of exercise.

What do bodybuilders, hobbyists, health buffs, and even instructors have in common? S-W-E-A-T

Lets talk about sweating...

Basically sweat alone is supposed to be odorless and colorless. What gives the foul smell is when it comes in contact with components in the fabric of your gym attire.

This commonly occurs when you wear pure cotton shirts during your workouts. You wold not have this problem with Cotton-Spandex however.

With Cotton-Spandex, you will be able to perform with high-Performance because Spandex By Yard offers a Stretch Cotton-Poly-Spandex Jersey which can be used for a plethora of purposes. Use it for your sportswear, your swimwear, use it when you cycle and many more great uses.

With Sportek fabric, you are assumed minimum hassle for optimum performance.


Sportek International has been the most trusted brand in the textile industry since 1991. Our goal and mission statement at Sportek is to serve our customers and navigate them through the process and through our capabilities to further help them and their brands reach their maximum potential. We are recognized as the largest suppliers of spandex, stretch and functional fabrics in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We specialize in areas such as technical, functional, circular/ tricot knit, woven stretch fabrics as well as sublimation and custom digital printing. We are focused on supplying to the activewear, yoga wear, sportswear, and sublimation industries.

Our innovation and creativity have allowed us to help our clients stay in a competitive rapidly growing an