Many fashionistas and designers agree that comfort must go first before style. But why not have a superlative of both? Sportswear is the best statement for that.

Sportswear has become very common to the point that people don’t distinguish it from everyday attire. Its presence ultimately blended into the era of casual and convenient clothing.

Basically, sportswear’s purpose is to bring functional wear to athletes. Now, sportswear has made its way to fashion shows, mainstream media, and pop culture.

But really, where is sportswear in the fashion norms?

Popular and Must-haves Sportswear 

Hoodie or Sweatshirt

Hoodies were created to keep workers warm and comfortable during cold winters. However, athletes also grew fond of sweatshirts because it aids warm-ups and workout sessions as they trap heat. Hence, they promote blood circulation and protect people from harsh weather. 

Hoodies are not only exclusive in areas with cold breeze. This clothing also protects people from sunburn on scorching days.

Moreover, society eventually embraced hoodies as a casual fashion norm. The bagginess of hoodies gives a chic, effortless, and sporty look.


Sweatpants have the same purpose as sweatshirts, which is to provide warmth and absorb sweat during physical activities. The clothing is incorporated into different fashion styles as well.

Some people pair sweatpants with crop tops, bralettes, and plain sweaters. However, the substitute jeans are also matched with sophisticated suits and leather jackets. 


Jerseys are easily mixed with different clothes. They are worn favorably on the street and almost everywhere, even if there is no sports event on sight.

Before the word “jersey” made its way to the court, it was referred to as the jersey fabric. Jersey is a stretchable, breathable, and well-structured fabric.

Sportek has a variety of jersey fabrics crafted with optimal functionality. In addition, it offers exclusive material for soccer and baseball wear as well. Some of its jersey products include 4-ways Stretch Perfortek Jersey with MaxDri Moisture Management and Microblock Anti-Microbial Finish and Poly-Spandex Jersey Wicking and Moisture management.


From its name, track athletes wear tracksuits to stay warm before the race. However, tracksuits have certainly evolved throughout the decades. Numerous celebrities and singers brought tracksuits into vogue. 

Tracksuits may be worn to give off swaggy vibes, but they could also be worn to look luxurious and classy. Nevertheless, the favorite 80s sportswear radiates a nostalgic feeling on whatever look.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants make any outfit stunning. The compression shapewear emphasizes the curves and tight-fits the muscles in the most comfortable way. As a result, yoga pants make workouts more appealing and exciting. 

Yoga pants are also stylish and very versatile to wear. Many women pair yoga pants with almost anything- bomber jacket, tank top, sports bra, and sweater. Some people even sleep on it because of its cozy snuggle fit. 

Sportek manufactures multi-purpose yoga pants. Its nylon spandex fabric has antibacterial, hypoallergenic, sun protection, and moisture-management properties.

Sports Bra

Sports bra is more than just an athletic women’s undergarment. It also has become a fascination due to its nattiness and comfortability even outside the gym.

Sports bra gives complete coverage of the breasts and keeps it in place to keep women at ease even while working out. Unlike the regular brassiere, general sports bra is a seamless underwear. Sports bra goes without the restricting assembly of frame, underwire, under brand, and clasps. 

Moreover, sports bra remains a demure choice for women since it is less concealing. Hence, some women style their outfits flawlessly with it.

Sportek has sportswear bra fabrics designed to give women maximum comfort, working out or not. It offers lightweight, moisture-managing, breathable, and high-quality soft bra fabrics.

Where and When To Wear Sportswear?

Undeniably, wearing sportswear everywhere is socially acceptable. People wear it during social gatherings, in schools, while traveling, and going on errands. Some people even wear it at work, business meetings, and church. 

Sportswear has become a familiar favorite of most. However, wearing sweatpants at formal functions is still deemed inappropriate. But, with the ever-evolving fashion trends, that might not be far from changing. 


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