If you’re a biker or a big bike fanatic, you’d know that having and wearing the right set of clothes and having the best equipment is essential for you to enjoy a safe and smooth joyride. A beautiful bike ride cannot be spoiled faster than being suited right for the environment. With the proper selection of gear, your riding experience may make all the difference.

Wherever you are planning to go for a ride, it is important to have these items on your list to be safe and ready for what’s about to come. Safety is always a priority and when you are prepared and have the right gear, you’re also prepared to have a good time during your bike ride. So here are some of the best clothing for cycling.

Moisture wicking jackets

The weather can be unpredictable whenever you go for a bike ride, so it's definitely a must to wear a waterproof jacket that is breathable and comfortable so you won’t feel the heat and the moisture as well. Cycling jackets generally have a longer back and sleeves that cover the cyclist more while they go ahead. The jackets that are waterproof and specifically made for biking are often priced at an affordable rate and have several advantages, including bright fluoro colors and panels to improve rider visibility. There is also built-in lighting that helps through dark areas.

Spandex cycling shorts

There are brands like POC, Rapha, and Soomom that sell superb cycling/biking shorts. Biking shorts are flexible and comfortable that would keep you going during the ride. They are meant to extend mobility and have an integrated, cushioned crotch lining to offer comfort, minimize friction and humidity. Most bicycle shorts are Lycra, a highly aerobic fabric. Bib shorts are cycling shorts that are not as high. These shorts are essential to stay cooler in summertime.

Wear a helmet, of course!

the number one most important thing to wear when riding a bike. Helmets are always necessary whether your destination is far or not. Depending on the type of material it is made of, bike helmets are designed to protect your head in case you accidentally fall off your bike. Make sure to get the best fitting helmet. Most will be adaptable to a certain degree, and some recent models feature MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which is also an additional dimension developed to transmit obstructive pressures in the event of an accident or impact.

Sight in traffic is of priority to many riders, with hi-vis features and reflector areas being used among headgear, while some even have embedded light.


Sportswear socks made specifically for cycling contain nylon or polyester that help your feet stay comfortable and, just like bike gloves to the hands, they prevent your feet from getting scars or blisters.