The importance of wearing sports bras are very overlooked that ignoring breast mechanics can cost you after training long-term.

Sports bras have started to sell more and more over the years. That's because women are starting to see its benefits.

Wearing a good sports bra can give you some style points too. It's more than just compression and support.

Here are some of its benefits:


There's actually more behind supporting your breasts when training. Naturally, it has minimal support with only layers of skin and Cooper’s ligament keeping it on your body.

Sports bras provide that much needed support especially when a person lacks muscle in the breast that give it too much motion when exercising. 

Not using a sports bra can result to pain and sagging. Wearing a good sports bra makes sure these things get prevented.


It's not only physical forces that affect your total performance. There's also psychological.

There's also psychological factors such as anxiety and insecurity to keep in mind for. Sloppy workout clothes can make you conscious with unwanted discomfort.

    You may not notice it but psychological factors affect your total commitment to your workout. There's a reason why athletes find a hard time finding their groove despite coming back from injury fully healed.


    Even the bras itself has its technicalities. Not all are tailored the same. There are three common types namely compression, encapsulation, and combination.

    Compression presses the breasts towards the chest wall which lessens the extra bounce and allows you to move more freely.

    Encapsulation sports bras also provide compression but separate the breasts to give you more independence with movements.

    There's also one that combines both and adds an extra layer of compression for twice the support. It's like both sports bras with reinforcement.