Summer is all about beach fashion. They type of swimwear you have speaks a lot of your taste in fashion.

Preference may also differ as some would prefer one-piece while braver souls don the two-piece. These are the two most common types of bikini among a many.

Unique swimsuit designs

There's a process called sublimation where designs can be directly transferred onto sublimation fabric. This gives any sublimated swimwear a more vibrant and durable design.

You can actually design your own swimwear as long as you have a theme in mind. All you need to do is provide the raw materials and make sure that the design you plan to print is the right measurement for the fabric you are getting.

The good news is you can even choose from hundreds of ready-made selections from SpandexByYard. This will save you the trouble of doing everything manually.

Why SpandexByYard?

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You can either choose the wildest and craziest designs you want to print, or let SpandexByYard to the work for you.

Even the simplest of designs look lively and elegant once sublimated on your desired swim attire.

As far as the quality of pre-made swimsuits is concerned, Each one goes through a meticulous cut & sew process. You just don't rush art as they say.

Going back to sublimation, designs are more durable and do not fade shall it be in contact with sunlight. This means your swimsuit will be just as colorful even on your hundredth use.

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