Athleisure is a new trend brought upon by a mix of social media influencing and the more active lifestlyle of the millennials and generation zs.

Comfort has suddenly become such a priority these days that it is no longer taboo to report to work wearing dri fit shirts and jogging pants.

Fashion and function combine


The athleisure look is not hard to pull off. It's something as easy as combining function with fashion.

It also isn't hard to feel comfortable in athleisure wear since it's built for mobility. The simplicity of its concept makes it look decent on normal occasions.

How to pull off athleisure wear

Athleisure pieces are something you can integrate into your regular wardrobe. It could either be combining it with a jacket and jeans, or even heels for women.

Common active wear used for athleisure fashion are sweat pants, sports bras, and compression wear. 

The important thing about this fashion is to be sporty or at least look like one.

Sublimation for Athleisure Wear

Athleisure is a statement. It's supposed to reflect health, wellness, and fitness in what ever you wear. This is where the beauty of sublimation comes in.

You can actually personalize designs according to your taste and style. Whether it's using pre-printed sublimation fabric or pfp for sublimation, the point is, you can don your active wear the way you want it.

The ability to personalize and customize your athleisure clothing is where SpandexByYard specializes.

With a huge fabric inventory serving satisfied customers, SpandexByYard takes care of your athleisure needs.

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