Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the sports where athletes require multiple sponsors to sustain their entire training camp.

It shows on the banner their team holds during their walkout and on their fight shorts as they step inside the ring or cage.

The big companies have corporate tie ups where in a major sporting brand takes care of the fighters from allowances, gears, to fight bonuses. It isn’t the case for most companies, however.

MMA fighters sometimes make more in sponsorships rather than the actual fight purse. Without sponsorships, most are forced to do day jobs to sustain.

Finding sponsors isn’t actually hard especially as local businesses want to at least expand its market regionally and the small regional MMA promotions are the ticket.

We won’t be dwelling on the exact specifics of sponsorships however as our specialty is having them clearly emphasized on your fight gear.

Whether it’s MMA board shorts, Muay Thai shorts, Vale Tudo shorts, or plain compression cycling shorts, SpandexByYard has the perfect pfp for sublimation fabric that will elevate your fight game.

Sublimation printing is convenient as there isn’t a need to patch each sponsor logo onto your gear. It’s a one-step process of entering your design and sublimating it onto your poly-spandex gear.

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