Running a marathon requires endurance like no other. Even the shortest distance needs the longest preparation in order to be considered a "finisher."

For those who have just started to train for one, you would notice that there is friction that occurs inside your leg muscles causing quite an itch. That's because of your leg muscles not being used to the friction caused by running.

The itchy feeling slowly disappears as the run goes on. Once your conditioning gets on point, the itch no longer shows.

However, the itch that shouldn't be there, especially if you regularly do your laundry, is the itch caused by fabric. Itch should only be an issue if you wear dirty fabric to your runs.

Using loose fabric, or one made from different material causes unnecessary friction on your skin, which can also cause the same itching effect on your runs.

By using spandex, this not only limits the issue, but also optimizes your performance. Sportek International and Spandex By Yard gives you just that.

With a wide array of choices from running short pants to compression leggings and tights, not only does your performance improve tenfold, but also gives you the style with such colorful and unique abstract designs.

Last long in your marathon runs with comfort and style. Be sure to choose Sportek International and Spandex By Yard when it comes to your running needs.