As the cases of pandemic goes down, should the precautions too? Many have eased down on protocols but one thing is still required: A mask.

Face masks and face shields are the most important habits to have since it's still considered the pandemic. How about for working out though? Should we still do such?

Well, here are some factors you have to think about as you take a smart approach towards wearing a mask while working out.

Do you have respiratory or cardiovascular issues?

One thing to consider is that you go to the gym because you are unfit and wish to change it. That said, there's a possibility that you will hyperventilate if you aren't in shape and you have to wear a mask.

People asthma, bronchitis, or COPD will have difficulty breathing if you restrict the airflow during physical activity. Wearing a mask while exercising can restrict the airflow with the mask acting as a barrier. It also increases the carbon dioxide inhaled since it gets trapped inside the mask.

Same goes for heart conditions. Wearing a mask might affect your cardio training. You'll usually get tired easily or worse, faint.

What mask to wear?

It may look funny but spandex gaiters migh