Basketball uniforms have evolved through the years. From short shorts and cotton-based jersey material to the technology we are more familiar with today.

NBA teams have started to slowly embrace printed spandex as their base for their uniforms.

The Atlanta Hawks have employed a hound's tooth design with their team name and jersey number printed on their away jerseys. The San Antonio Spurs are another as they have a camouflage design for their Swingman Edition.

The first to most likely to fully embrace printed spandex for jerseys is College Basketball.

College teams have mostly used poly-spandex or other spandex materials on their jerseys. This explains why their uniforms look more fitted on them during college compared to what they wear on the pros.

Custom sublimated basketball uniforms add style to what the players wear on-court. Sportek's unique collection of printed spandex provides a good base for any uniform design.

The limitless options when it comes to colors, designs, patterns, and fonts are some of the factors that will make the next generation of college basketball uniforms rad.

Some of the top teams might have already entertained the idea. Only time will tell when this starts to become a trend.

Sportek has a huge inventory of printed spandex that is best for basketball uniforms. Each is made of high quality poly-spandex which has been printed on through sublimation.

Printed spandex jerseys will take over college basketball and Sportek is why.