Clothing today has never been more convenient. Gone are the days where two or three different kinds of outfits have to be brought at once to change into on separate occasions

People now have the luxury or athleisure or cross-fashion to stay stylish wherever they go. Sportswear is an easy hack, especially where convenience is either lacking or non-existent.

Sun protection, moisture management, quality fabric, comfort, flexibility, and design are all put into consideration as one searches for the perfect outfit.

With all those things considered, printed spandex is the safest and most convenient choice. Not only does it have all of those factors combined but also an easy choice for an entire day of attending functions.

Spandex is not only flexible for the choice of wear but literally is material wise. That should make spandex the fabric of all fabrics.

Dresses become easier and silkier to wear when spandex is used. Leggings give the legs more breathing room than slacks or pants do.

As for sportswear, nothing could go wrong whichever sport you choose. Dancers even started embracing spandex as the base for their costumes.

Finding the right tailor is key. To be able to create a trendsetting design, you need to find the right tailor for the job. One that knows their way around spandex. 

As for the fabric itself, it should be the least of your worries… 

Sportek has the largest selection of printed spandex. From two-colored to multi-colored high-quality poly-spandex fabric to single colored PFP for sublimation.

Once you choose your desired spandex material and design, it’s on to the tailor and off to where you want to show off your new outfit.

If you want all the best features for your spandex material, see to it that you’re wearing Sportek-quality.

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Sportek International has been the most trusted brand in the textile industry since 1991. Our goal and mission statement at Sportek is to serve our customers and navigate them through the process and through our capabilities to further help them and their brands reach their maximum potential. We are recognized as the largest suppliers of spandex, stretch and functional fabrics in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We specialize in areas such as technical, functional, circular/ tricot knit, woven stretch fabrics as well as sublimation and custom digital printing. We are focused on supplying to the activewear, yoga wear, sportswear, and sublimation industries.

Our innovation and creativity have allowed us to help our clients stay in a competitive rapidly growing and changing apparel industry. We provide clients with the latest and most up to date styles. The Sportek ensures that all its textiles are only of the most premium of quality.  Our sources are tested and kept up to the high standards. Sportek understands that our customers can be in very time restricted situations. Sportek logistics, with its sophisticated stock system, has the quickest turnaround time on its orders, as well as sample orders.



 La ropa de hoy nunca ha sido más cómoda. Se acabaron los días en que se deben llevar dos o tres tipos diferentes de atuendos a la vez para cambiarse en ocasiones separadas.

Las personas ahora tienen el lujo o el atletismo o la moda cruzada para mantenerse a la moda donde quiera que vayan. La ropa deportiva es un truco fácil, especialmente cuando la comodidad es inexistente o es inexistente.

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