Step into the world of versatility and durability with our Sportek Premium quality Nylon-Spandex Tricot fabric. Boasting a superior stretchy base, this fabric is designed to provide the utmost comfort and flexibility. Crafted from the highest quality nylon and Spandex, it stands as a testament to its chlorine-resistant nature, ensuring longevity even in aquatic environments.

Ideal for a myriad of applications, this premium Tricot fabric is a top choice for swimwear, activewear, sports wear, chair covers, and more. Its durable composition guarantees a lasting performance, making it a reliable option for various creative projects. Whether you're diving into the pool, hitting the gym, or pursuing other innovative applications, our Nylon-Spandex Tricot fabric offers the perfect blend of quality, stretch, and resilience. Elevate your designs and experiences with a fabric that excels in both durability and premium performance, setting a new standard in the world of versatile textiles. Choose Sportek for a fabric that goes beyond expectations, ensuring your creations stand out in every application.