The draft has just wrapped up and there is a lot of hype surrounding the no.1 overall pick this year. The pick has not yet been made but jersey sales are already skyrocketing as people wish to wear his number as they walk the streets.

The actual pro jersey is only one thing, but players like Zion Williamson do not walk around wearing the same jersey wherever they go. Their lifestyle revolves around playing basketball, going to the gym, and grabbing largely-portioned meals to maintain their size.

Ballers do not only wear their basketball jersey. You will see them in sportswear or athleisure clothing whenever they casually walk the streets.

An athlete usually goes out in clothes they are comfortable wearing and will give their body enough breathing room to recover from games or a hard training session.

Off-court fashion has started to evolve from what it was a decade ago. It looks simpler but more stylish.

Players even wear different pairs of sneakers for when they arrive at the arena to when they are on court. 

For the rookies, they suddenly see their life changing in an instant. More money to bank means a larger wardrobe to fill with sportswear.

Anyone can look like the no.1 overall pick wherever they go. They do not even need to copy the exact style to do so.

Trance-styled sublimation prints are commonly seen in basketball players nowadays. This is why printed spandex is where to start. 

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