Even before the 21st century pandemic, companies have begun to trend toward more relaxed settings, embracing policies like flexible vacation days and the ability to work remotely.

Because of that, more casual clothing in a work setting makes more sense now. It's no surprise that women wear their yoga pants from day to night (or shall we say "9 to 5"), especially with the recent influx of designer fitness apparel lines (particularly Jeremy Scott, Stan Smith, Kanye West, and many more). 

Choosing workplace-friendly gym attire not only allows you to make the most of your time and clothing but also keeps you comfortable. Consider how nice it would be to be able to wear your comfy, soft, and flexible workout clothes to work and not be dying to get home and change into your sweatpants.

Also, think about the time you can save by spending fewer minutes finding the perfect style of the day.

What Are Gym Clothes?

Gym clothes are those you wear when working out. Ideally, gym clothing has breathable fabrics that allow the skin to feel cool since people sweat a lot when exercising.

However, some gym clothes are rather sweat-wicking, that means it may not be as breathable but still will make your body feel cool and less sweaty. Another quality that gym clothing must come with is elasticity.

Good quality workout clothing should be stretchy enough to provide support when doing certain warm-ups and exercises (especially when it requires wider leg movements).

Whenever you don't work out but just want to wear something comfortable while at work, you can try to mix and match some workout pieces and blend them in with some corporate attire. Be inspired by these 10 workout clothing that you may wear on your next trip to your work. 

Yoga Pants

This one's on top of the list for a reason. Aside from the fact that it's comfortable to walk around the office, it looks like office pants. Because of its material (usually made from rayon) and silhouette, many say that it's a good alternative for dress pants. 

Denim Jeggings

Denim jeggings have been hitting the stores since 2016 because it creates this image that you're wearing hot and heavy jeans when in reality you're prioritizing comfort. A good print of denim can save you at work, especially when in a slightly strict office setting.

Hybrid Spandex Tank Top

Running out of blouse? Hybrid tank tops got you. Just pair it with a stylish blazer and some accessories and you're good to go. And, oh, I almost forgot you can wear leggings with those, too! More comfort, right?

Workout Dress

If you want to give that tweetums vibe, try pulling a Maria Sharapova. If it's a little cold in your workplace, this dress can be worn over yoga pants or leggings. Plus, the middle can be used to change the length and fit of the garment. The dress can be worn higher up while working out and lower down during office hours.

Spandex Tunic Tops

At first glance, you may think that this piece is for semi-formal attire (probably because of the cut and style) but surprise-- it's for working out, too! Mostly made of poly-spandex, soft tunic tops make a good option as workout clothes and a comfortable semi-formal top. When wearing it at work, it goes best with pencil skirts and a necklace.

Structured Sweater Shirt

Aside from the easement that sweatshirts give, what makes structured sweatshirts look office-appropriate is its cut and material. Just like soft tunic tops, structured sweatshirts go well with necklaces, too. That way, you can make it a little more formal. 

Trek Trousers

Trek trousers could be a perfect alternative for slacks. But just be sure that the trousers that you'll be using don't have many pockets in it to make it look convincing that you're wearing office slacks. These pants are water-resistant, so they're best worn during the rainy season. 

Long Sleeve Spandex Wear or Rashguards

This one is quite simple and  goes well with skirts or any kind of pants. 

Lightweight T-shirt

Lightweight shirts are most likely to be "the last shirt in my closet". The last resort, especially during laundry day. This top is something that's not only made for the gym but for the rest of your life, as well. 

Final Thoughts

While it is a common belief now that workout clothes are no longer just for the gym, we must also understand that the culture in your office has a lot to do with whether or not this approach will work. But the bottom line is: it's okay to arrive at the office with your gym clothes on, but please make sure that 1. it's blended with your corporate attire; 2. you arrive with clean, wrinkle-free clothing and not with sweat-soaked, stinky top and; 3. you're not wearing gym shorts. That way, you can keep the professional look without compromising your comfort.


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