Team jerseys are what give an entire organization an identity. The outside isn't only about the design though.

Jerseys require a certain amount of function for players to perform at their optimal. That includes making sure they are cool and dry even when perspiration occurs.

The simplest way to create a team jersey is through customized sportswear. One that will set a team apart from the rest.

With that said, here are some tips on how to create customized sportswear:

Pick a good fabric base

Poly-spandex fabric is a commonly-used base for sports jerseys. Unlike cotton, it does not retain moisture whilst still keeping you comfortable during play.

With poly-spandex, you get a breathable fabric that can sustain a lengthy match or event. It's ideal for light-to heavy work.

Be creative with colors

The safest hack here is to make sure you pick a sublimation fabric to accommodate any color or design. 

With sublimation, you can customize your own design and have it printed on your chosen fabric base.

Another option is to select Sportek pre-printed spandex for a creative color base. Their wide selection of printed spandex are bright and attractive enough to make your team shine.


Be trendy

It's not just the choice of fabric and color that matters. You also need to be trendy with your jersey style.

In a time when wearing sports jerseys outside are already a new normal, you can be trendy with your jersey design to make it both functional and fashionable.

Choose the right brand

While you have a plethora of choices out there, the right brand is a difference-maker.

That said, Sportek has the widest selection of high-quality plain and printed spandex for your jersey needs.

Each fabric has the right technologies to support sustainable sportswear. It is a great investment especially for team sports.


Most importantly, all these fabrics come at a very affordable price which will allow you to focus more on other facets of team sports.