The beach is always an easy escape with its relaxing views and ambiance. The problem with such sandy escape however is the heat of the sun which after 8am, starts to be harmful to the skin.

Ultraviolet or UV rays causes a number of harmful effects including premature aging of the skin and damaging your immune system. Sunblocks are often an option to battle the rays of the sun but what if there is another way to do so?

Sunblock is rated or labeled by its Sun protection Factor or SPF. This means the higher the SPF, the lesser the burning radiation reaches your skin.

The thing about sunblock however is that it washes away over time. This means you will have to rely on clothing with SPF as second line of defense.

Luckily, companies such as Spandex By Yard sell fabrics that not only have printed spandex designs, but also sun protection factor.

Their swimwear fabric happens to be high performance in terms of elasticity, and ductility. It also has a generous amount of opaqueness that can be measured the same way as SPF.

This means that your skin gets protected with Spandex By Yard's variety of high quality swimwear. Whether it's their eco friendly recycled spandex or their stretch mesh, all fabrics that can be found at Spandex By Yard can manage to give you the best swimwear fabric.

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