For competitive cycling, it is a given. Compression to them is like any other uniform both professional and amateur athletes wear.

Just like any other sport, wearing printed spandex has already been a trademark when it comes to cycling. Cyclists become a walking banner of advertisements and this is only one part.

What makes spandex cycling gear better than the hip clothes that BMX and Fixed Gear riders wear is the fact that it allows the rider to make full use of the limbs’ maximum extent. Unlike regular clothing than bumps through skin, spandex blends with the skin’s tension which is why compression is always a good choice for serious rides.

Custom made spandex gear also makes it convenient for a rider due to its moisture absorbent properties. This to coast through different terrain conditions without the hassle of drenched clothes weighing them down.

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With a plethora of material and designs to choose from, only Sportek and Spandex By Yard can bring you both function and style while riding. It is the best way to keep up in fashion and at the same time, keep up with your personal records on rides.