Athletic competition is something that most athletes take seriously to the point of using serious colors for showing determination.

Fashion has heavily influenced athletic competition nowadays. It is already accepted even for men to wear multi-colored printed designs for both training and competing. 

Gone are the days of plain black, white, gray, or navy-blue compression shapewear. Nowadays athletes can wear colorful printed gear in both training and competition. 

While the best colors are reserved for the day of the competition, training days must be fashionable since this is where the people you know will see you more often.

You can wear a different color for each day or even different multi-colored prints depending on your fashion sense.

The best fabric for printing is those that are PFP for sublimation. Sublimation printing is the process of turning solid dye into gas form while skipping the liquefication process.

That said, custom designs are easily transferred onto the fabric conveniently and effectively. It also provides a detailed and more vibrant design. 

Designs aren’t bulky as well as they aren’t patched or printed on top but rather merged into the fabric. Doing so maintains the same lightweight properties of your spandex gear.

Sportek has both ready-made printed spandex for sportswear or blank PFP for sublimation fabric if you wish to sublimate a custom design yourself.

Sportek offers the largest selection of printed spandex, PFP for sublimation, poly-spandex, nylon-spandex, etc. Each is equipped with moisture management and quick drying properties which are built for hard training regimens. 

Visit and today to see which printed spandex will color your training day.