Football is a very complex sport. Professional Footballers may seem to make it look easy live but it requires a great set of fundamental skills to play at an elite level.

It is a sport where physicality is a little bit more condoned especially on tackles. Too much contact however may result in sanctions such as Yellow Cards and worse, a Red Card.

Midfielders are the ones who have to be active on both ends of the field. The flow of possession runs through them.

It is the forwards however that bump with the defenses the most. the physicality involved increases as the possession gets closer to the goal.

Since physicality has been brought up, the football uniform is susceptible to tearing whether its when somebody else grabs it or when you slide to save possession. In the big leagues, players usually have 5 or more reserve uniforms of the same color in anticipation of the inevitable.

The problem is that some squads only have one to use for both home and away games. Whether big league or small league, having to produce more than one uniform is already an unnecessary expense.

Although most footballers prefer a little room with their uniform, the use of compression might be more practical from a functional standpoint.

Wearing compression, particularly one of spandex material provides a fit but elastic dressing to the body. This may be the answer to tearing as Spandex By Yard and Sportek is proven to have the most durable fabric for all sporting needs.

The durability of their spandex is perfect for any sporting gear that requires compression. Football greats like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi have been known to use compression clothing as their first layer to wear under their uniform.

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