Basketball has now become a sport of style. What you wear on and off the court matters more than ever. 

Fashion has played a significant role for ballers through the years. Whether playing varsity or pro ball, people often look up to athletes and try to replicate their style and swagger.

Some players choose to take their flexing to the court wearing branded accessories in-game to show that they follow the hype. 

Basketball accessories such as headbands, wristbands, sleeves and supports are supposed to be used for moisture management and movement control but can surprisingly double as stylistic blings.

As far as durability is concerned, outfitters would prefer polyester over cotton as it is more durable and flexible to aid a player's movement.

Jerseys for one are made of polyester but some players would actually like wearing spandex or poly-spandex under their uniforms.

Players who wear shooter sleeves and wristbands would be the first to tell you that aside from style points, it actually helps their elbow contraction when shooting the ball from distance.

Also notice that the fastest basketball players would usually wear calf supports in order to restrict the leg muscles from contracting beyond its limits, especially in fast break plays.

Last but not the least are the headbands. Basketball headbands are used by players basically to prevent sweat from dripping into their eyes.

The thing about it though is that basketball players who wear headbands actually look cooler even when they use it for casual style.

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