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Spandex by Yard offers a wide range of high quality stretch fabrics including wholesale nylon fabric, cotton lycra, lycra nylon, hologram spandex, velvet, and more. When selecting fabric for our inventory, we prioritize quality and style. However, our selective taste does not limit our selection. We offer nylon spandex, swimwear fabric and cotton spandex tights in many different prints, patterns and finishes. Our materials are made using the most modern methods for fabrication and are durable and comfortable. They are perfect for applications ranging from swimwear, to ballet, to the stage, and beyond.

We offer spandex fabric that is perfect for home projects, and many individuals and stores choose our spandex and velvet material for sale to make clothing themselves. The fabric is available with metallic, foil, or normal finishes. Its quality is high enough that runs are not an issue, and it's available in many different colors, including pinks, lavender, shades of orange, brown, and neon colors. We even offer moisture management stretch fabric to help heighten comfort. For high-quality, durable, attractive material, our inventory can't be beat.

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